Chinese environment ministry finds widespread pollution coverups and corruption at the local government level

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Do what we do, remove regulations means no corruption! Win/win


Seeing the Chinese drop to the level of the USA is disheartening.




Wherever did you get the impression that the Chinese government was environmentally responsible or ethical, and not massively corrupt? I’m genuinely mystified.


Judging from the choice of avatar, I think a joke is being made.

Mine simply has someone presenting a summary of the situation, dumbed-down to the level of Two Scoops’ comprehension. He smiles and simply says, “Amateurs.”

But why shouldn’t they? China did everything first. Just ask them. They’ll find some page in their thousand-volume Imperial Encyclopedia showing that they produced city-choking levels of horrible pollution centuries before the West even figured out the Riddle of Steel…

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South China Sea …starring Xi Jinping.

Marvel how he deals with pollution coverups - with Chinese characteristics.
Swoon to his dulcet tones…
“I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way”
“21- with a bullet”.

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Fancy that. Government officials covering up illegal activities in the name of maintaining a good reputation among the higher authorities.

Reassuring that some things are universal, I suppose…

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