Chinese government demands Genghis Khan exhibit not use words "Genghis Khan"

But cousin Madeleine was quoted as saying
“Flames…flames…in the village…flames…”


Like insist his name should be Ghengis Khan’t ?


China at the time was split between the Song in the south and the originally non-Chinese Jin in the north. Genghis Khan invaded the Jin but he died before they fell; he burnt what is now Beijing to the ground.

His son Ogedei finished off the Jin and started on the Song, but it was grandson Kublai Khan who finished the conquest of China (and rebuilt what is now Beijing).


I always thought it was really more of a title than his name.


Yes, it’ll be Ghengis Khant if the Chinese have their way.

Kublai Khan created the Yuan dynasty (1271 to 1368) which represented Mongolian control of China, right up until the Ming dynasty.


But can they use the word “bone”? (And how come the title page shows 2 comments, while there are actually 45?)

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It’s not shocking, swastika’s are just a neat shape that every doodler making 4 sided “things” and fooling around with symmetry ends up making. It’s just a cool shape. Nazis are complete total assholes for ruining swastikas for everyone. They are assholes for other far more important reasons too, but ruining swastikas for a couple of centuries is pretty annoying.

I’m down for Mongolian metal bands reclaiming them.

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That’d be the same Khan that in Xanadu a shapely Olivia Newton John did see.


Sounds legit. Don’t his heirs control all rights to his name and likeness?

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It’s a bit like asking who the true heir of Charlemagne was. Wars were involved.

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