Words from QAnon Shaman make for a delightful musical when accompanied by a pianist

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These people aren’t cute. They tried to destroy my fucking country.


You’re quite correct, they aren’t cute. But like “In the Furher’s Face”, or Harry Potter Riddikulus, bringing down a bastard with humor works nicely and doesn’t risk turning one into a Nietzschean dragon


He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food

Only the best for mommy’s precious little seditionist. He’s a very delicate conspiracy magus, and conventional foods are hard on his widdle tum-tum


Citation Needed. These people have expressly declared themselves as buffoons for years, Trump for decades, and they very nearly ended democracy in the United States. A full third of our elected officials are aggressively continuing their attacks even as we speak.

I was raised on this idea, and yet I have to admit that I have never seen a single example of of a bully or thug being taken down by ridicule (though I can think of plenty of examples of good people’s careers being ended by it).

Neither here nor there, but, the dragon is from a different aphorism.




This is disgusting. Making these awful white supremacists look cutsy. No thanks white Youtube star. No thanks white blog poster. No thanks to any of this. Have some f-ing respect Boing Boing.

BRAVO to this guy!! He wins the internet for January!

this is my favorite use of the maced me girl:


Agreed. And let’s not call him a “shaman” since that term is still in use by some cultures (mostly Asian and specially in Siberia).

This clown’s attire is meant to mock Native American cultures. Combining that word continues a bad reference. Native cultures don’t use that word to describe spiritual leaders in their populations anyway. It’s a bad, misleading trope.

Let’s not go crazy. He’s not mocking Native American cultures. We’re allowed to call him “shaman” (just like we’d be able to call him “priest” if he had assumed the name “QAnon Priest”).

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Dollar Store Jay Kay or Dollar Store Jamiroquai works just as well

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