Chinese opsec funnies: your foreign boyfriend is a western spy!


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This particular public service announcement is pure camp; but isn’t ‘have reasonably charming intelligence officer of appropriate sex for the target prey on their human weakness’ actually a fairly common and effective strategy?

The Stasi certainly did that sort of thing; there was the case a little while back about the UK undercover cop who was doing similar things for the purpose of investigating largely-harmless environmentalist groups; and I can only imagine that the failures or the successes antique enough to declassify are the tip of the iceberg, since it’s just such a logical technique.

As any Secret Service agent in a hotel room full of Columbian hookers can tell you, lust makes you really, really, stupid even when you know that you are on the job and potentially being scrutinized.

And, as anyone who has ever had to navigate a gigantic pitiless bureaucracy knows, secretaries are to data access what janitors are to physical access: pretty much the highest ‘access’/‘institutional status’ ratio you can possibly find; and relatively numerous(and thus hard to draw exclusively from seasoned personnel of iron loyalty and long experience) because there’s a lot of grunt work that needs doing.


Damn! This spy business is so nuanced and tricky. I wouldn’t last a week…


What is that from, it looks fun.


This may be a real problem for people with security clearance. Trouble is, in China they treat every bush and pothole as a state secret and every foreigner as a spy. If a traveler tries to really get to know the locals, it’s impossible to know when they’ll be rounded up.


The most organic conversation of all time!


The Chairman’s drag name is Honey Pot.


The Interview [movie], it’s a parody that was sent to me.


Oh, I saw that. Just don’t remember it. I though that might be a real came. Looks sorta Metal Slug-ish.


Wasn’t this a plot point in one of Clancy’s novels?


My Son is a Game Designer, so I get lots of gifs like this, where he gets them I haven’t the foggiest.


Yeah and why is Xiao Li a white lady?



“The Interview” video game tie-in!!!


And also a running sub-plot on the show The Americans. The secretary in question has gone recently from the one topping everyone’s dead pools (most likely to be transported out of her apartment in 2 separate suitcases) to a willing accomplice (most likely to be exfiltrated to Russia).



Chinese women are really keen on being pale. Marvel at the face-kini which they use to maintain their pallor at the beach:


I remember seeing that!

But just from a communications perspective—it’s like, which one of these characters is Chinese and which is the foreigner?


The red-headed devil?


Interesting that the art style used here is a watered-down manga style (note especially the secretary’s profile), which style originated in Japan, not China. Evil foreign influence has already triumphed.