Chinese villager crafts wedding dress out of 40 cement bags

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Pictures of details on the dress would be nicer, it’s hard to appreciate the construction of the dress with the video. Really cool project though :smiley: Looks heavy af tho

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Oh. Empty cement bags. I guess that’s sort of cool too.


But still setting a concrete example for others to build on, in aggregate.


Village was originally made of mashed potatoes. Moving to bags of cement means -everybody- gets a cast cabinet and an artifact mausoleum.
Some villages, they have a riverside. Some have a well. This one, they just take the dress off the newlyweds’ cottage in the morning for 23 days, have the ox haul it and wring it as fracking fluid. One side of the valley sweats so much nectar from the rocks, the villagers can just eat honey. The other side of the valley gets oily and is considered a recreational export that grows fine hair.

The Aldermen, the Tricks, the Juicers, the Building Administrars, the Plumb Bob Checkers, they all agree, romance ain’ dead.

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