Ethiopian hats and wigs made from recycled consumer goods


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those bottle cap hats are pretty neat looking and i bet the sound cool when they dance, kinda like ankle rattles.


such stunningly gorgeous photos. i love the creativity of the uses for discarded objects!


Not awake enough yet to decide why the word “Columbusing” comes to mind…


Hm. On the one hand, I’m really interested in the concept that consumerism has opened up creative spaces for people that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. We tend to think of modern consumerism as being incompatible with other kinds of social structures or that the people who are using these things are some how “primative”. And the people in the images are lovely.

Then again, it does smack of the imperial “look what I discovered, aren’t they exotic” vibe a bit too much for my tastes. So it begs the question if these sorts of engagements can ever be truly neutral or if they’ll always be about the western imperial gaze.


for many in the tribes, an unusual look is a key to charging Western tourists more for pictures.

Well. Effective strategy.


It’s also due to a lack of alternatives I’d imagine. When you live in a society that demands cash for the exchange of goods, including land, then you have to find a way to make cash. It’s a long standing problem of the peasantry the world around, for these past few centuries.

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