Vintage contemporary hipster fashion in Africa


Couldn’t they just be “hipsters”?

No. They’re oozing too much awesome.


This calls for a collaboration with OK Go.

Funded through Kickstarter.

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Someone should totally inform them that Ubuntu is already “unlocked” as it’s an open source project.

I appreciate the zeal however.


While I think they look great, I question the logic of wearing tweed coats in sub-Saharan Africa (though for all I know the weather in Namibia is fine for wool), and although everyone should wear what they want, I do find it weird that European/Western styles are preferred (you’d think they could come up with some unique hybrid style, whereas most of these look just like western throwbacks.) His explanations regarding this seem a bit weak, but then an artist shouldn’t have to explain their art, so fair enough.


black hipsters in tweed jackets and round spectacles, trilby hats, Oversize coats

Someone alert tumblr so they can be told to check their privilege.

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You don’t get hipsters, do you?

Like most of Africa, Namibia is a former colony. People have been wearing western clothing for centuries so vintage is bound not to differ too much to what you see anywhere else in the world. more Africa based vintage styles can be seen here:

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