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Fantastic! Together with the Congolese Sapeurs and South African groups like Boys of Soweto, I See A Different You and the Smarteez, southern Africa is really becoming the biggest inspiration for menswear (and menswear photography!) right now.


Southern African fashion - on BoingBoing, no less! - and not even a passing mention of Zef? Jack Parow is confused.

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Don’t you stop being a hipster as soon as you say you’re a hipster?

Its a compliment actually.

Heck with clothing fashion! I want that vintage door behind the model in the image on the BB article.

Is this were Ska meets Hipster?

It depends - do you actually consider yourself to be one, or are you merely adopting the label “ironically”? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why do you think he called himself a hipster?

i don`t think she is a hipster :slight_smile:

Sigh, style. I wish I had it. At least we can recognize it.

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