Hipsters wear the coolest hats


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For the Handmaid in your life http://amzn.to/2hVuc2u


Grooming a 15 year old? You need this hat!


Some even wear Liberty Hats!



My old neighborhood.
Those hats.
I shrink.


Is this strictly neccessary?


Ritchie Blackmore rocked this look with Deep Purple in the 1970s


“Hipsters wear the coolest hats”


geez for almost $25 why not throw an extra $2.78 and go the whole nine yards pilgrim?


weird, the preview sez $24.80 but the link says $27.73


Grooming is such an ugly word. We’re just getting to know each other.


kind of assumed it would be this:


Pilgrim is the new black.


Is there one for my cat?


WTF Halloween was last month. Why would someone pay to look that dumb?


Different strokes for different folks… aww heck. Forget what I said. YOU’RE RIGHT!




Jesus Christ, that beard. Beards are meant to hide a weak chin, not frame it like a painting.


I wondered how long it would take for folks to start going back more than fifty years to recycle fashions…


Take yer pick:


Hipsters wear hats at all, which makes them the most [adjective] hats by default.

I think we should encourage this, really. I always thought counterculture meant “dress how you like, let your freak flag fly, baby!” But lately it’s “…unless you want to wear crocs or toe shoes or a non-utilitarian hat or, God help you, a fedora, then we’re gonna call you names until you leave.”

I actually own a kilt, a very nice fedora, and toe shoes. They’ve been in the closet for a while, and I’ve never worn them together, but I kinda want to just to watch the Fashion Police’s heads explode.