Chipotle fined $1.3m for 13,253 child labor law violations

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My daddy always said even children need meaningful work… chipotle just getting them into the groove of things when they’re young.


That’s $100 per violation, or roughly fifty cents per hour per violation for one month. I’m sure they think it’s worth it.


How is it a “voluntary” payout if they were ordered to do it?


$1.3 mil? so, like, 3 sides of guac?


It’s not just Chipotle - youths get ripped off anywhere they work


I like that the state government’s response wasn’t to just deport the workers, but to fine the corporation for underpaying them. Sure this is just one company, but if the state keeps doing it they can get a reputation for being hostile to wage theft (by far the most common kind of theft) and discourage all companies from even trying it.


I can never read or hear the word “youths” without slipping into a Pesci daze.

Yeah, but for one slap it’s not exactly chump change. Sure, they can make it up. It’s not putting them out of business. But it’s better than the nothing that so many other companies face for their willful transgressions. And like @jandrese said, maybe it’s the start of something better? Or maybe they’ll buy off the right politicians next time?


1.3M seems cheap, they should’ve been fined in the amount that the company made off the backs of those young workers. I bet you they made much more in profits so if anything they still made it off in the green even after the fine.


When I was a teenager several friends worked at Taco Bell or Little Caesars. Calling what they did there “work” was pretty generous. The goal was to do as little work as possible without getting yelled at. It’s probably my generation’s fault that nobody wants to hire kids anymore.

(but seriously - it’s a real bone headed move to break labor laws when minors are involved. amazing that it was only a $1.3m mistake for Chipotle, probably should be 10x that)

We all did that work as a kid, and sometimes goofed off, which was expected, as kids always did that… but I think the real reason is that adult, working class Americans need those jobs as good paying blue collar work dries up.


Not chump change, but not worth paying someone more expensive either.

What, you’re gonna deny 12 years olds their shot at the American dream?

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The goal of essentially every corporate employer is to extract the maximum possible labour for the minimum possible pay. Returning the favour is a rational response.


The american dream is to work at mcdon and taco hut and chipotlecoli. If your 12 year old gets a job there, at age 12, why bother with anything else? Dream accomplished. Free tacos for everyone! Get an apartment! See you at christmas billy.

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