Chips flavored like horse meat, poison blowfish, and maggot cheese

Let me know when they do a Soylent Green flavor.


Not my experience. Raw horse meat has more meat flavour, possibly because beef carpaccio and tartare use (bland) eye fillet and taste more of the accoutrements.

This. Raw horse meat with grated daikon is amazing, and it doesn’t really need any soy - the umami bomb of sliced raw horse should be enough. Any food I’ve had to fight my teenage children for must be good.


Is taboo about horse meat purely a Anglosphere thing?

The horse meat I had was in France. When I had it, it was a cutlet / steak type cut, simply pan seared. It was very lean, and aside from a minerally livery flavor similar to hangar steak, it was in my experience, otherwise bland.

Edited to add: raw meat dishes use the leanest cuts because no one wants to eat raw waxy pieces of fat. Hence the use of tenderloin, and hence the importance of the strong flavored and savory accoutrements (most Steak Tartare dishes in restaurants are criminally under-seasoned.)

So given horse meat’s ultra leanness and its slightly gamey flavor, I do agree that it would be best enjoyed in raw preparations. And if my food history memory serves me well, I do believe that Steak Tartare in France was originally prepared with horse meat, pre WWII.

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That seems to be the case from my limited knowledge on the subject. Places like France and Germany are fine with it, as well as Asian countries like Japan. For whatever reason though English speaking people just go nuts when you suggest eating horses.

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Mettwurst sometimes has horse in it. It’s one of my favorite sausages.

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My guess is that the invention and adoption of the automobile is what pushed the use of horses as beasts of burden and their consumption as a food (mostly by working class or poor people) into the taboo zone. Horses became animals used only for recreation by the wealthy and aristocratic. At the same time industrialized factory farming came about (post WW1) and beef became more accessible. Horses were then ennobled and culturally sacrosanct.

Sure that explains why horse meat isn’t commonly consumed, but it doesn’t explain why English speaking countries in particular are so strongly against it.

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