Choppers overhead in LA Feb 21 2015



Sounds like a goddamn war zone.

A couple months back we had a ghetto bird flying overhead telling everyone to get inside and lock the doors. Fun times, fun times.


Sounds like the dystopia that we have been hearing about in low budget sci-fi since long before Soylent Green. Next, cheap apocalyptic sci-fi.

I thought choppers were the best way to get quick response from any emergency team in LA, thanks to the ridiculous traffic.

It’s the ones you can hear close overhead, but they’re not announcing anything that really sound ominous.

I couldn’t understand all the words, so maybe I’m missing something here that everyone else could hear.

“…exciting specials today at Wal-Mart! Everybody else is reminded to stay in their homes until the all-clear signal is given…”

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Black, or Red Carpet?

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