Choreographed Paralympics hand-off ceremony is poetry in motion

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For me, this has big Bond Title Sequence vibes. Good stuff.

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The director should be shot. The close-ups ruin the whole point of it. Just point the camera at the entire troupe, leave it alone and fuck off. All other angles were total distraction.


Came here to post the same. I understand the close ups at the beginning and end, but besides that they needed to leave it at the front center shot.


That would have been easier and cheaper to do in CGI - and it would have completely missed the point. Brilliant stuff.


No - I completely disagree. The close ups are critical, to establish who the performers are - the fact that they are in wheelchairs, the diversity within the group, that they are individuals each with their own needs and abilities. If you just film it as a static camera on the entire troupe, you miss the whole point about the paralympics. It’s the juxtaposition between the closeups and the ensemble shots that make this performance really something wonderful.


I agree. And many of the close-ups were beautifully framed. And it added a visual pacing to the piece that was overlayed on top of the rhythm that continued through every shot.

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Some of the hand/arm coordination reminded me of this (which only exists on YouTube with potato stock film unfortunately):

This had been established in the opening shots - up to about 48 seconds in - before the ‘conductor’ walked on stage and we got the first wide shot. It should have stayed wide from then on.

“Paralympics hand-off ceremony”

This could have meant something very different.

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