Chris Anderson: Drone mogul and former bass player for REM (no, not *that* REM)

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You missed the part where Chris stepped on the throat of an entire open source community while selling them out to VC’s. I spoke with a engineer of 3DR at the Makerfaire–who was in the process of attempting to distance their hardware from him–who said he was known fondly in the company as Voldemort. As one of the many censored & beaten down by thugs on the open source forum ‘he owns’, I only mention this due to the missing journalism here in an otherwise credible rag. What you’re missing is that Chris, as always, is using the media to shape his image in order to profit from the credibility that said duped mouthpieces bestow on the honorable gentlemen. Evidently now, as a humble construction guy. Cuz, hey–in tech, failure is thing.

The text says the battle of the REM bands was in 1991, but I suspect you meant to type 1981, no?

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