MC Chris's "Foreverrr" - porny, Ghostbusters-y nerdcore


So he’s nice now? Cool.

Spelling: “lascivious”

Ultimately, though, as the liner notes say, “it’s also about letting go of the past, letting go of your anger, letting go of people you love.”

Apt timing.

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Yeah, I could never get into his stuff before in large part due to how much of a proudly self-righteous asshole he presented himself as.

Maybe he’s found some measure of peace? I dunno. Not much inclined to give him a second chance as a performer, but hey, if I end up hearing some of his new stuff by accident and liking it, who knows?

I like MC Chris. I guess I have some catching up to do, I only have like 3 of his albums. Even if I found out tomorrow he killed my mom and wore her skin as a suit, I’d still always love him for this:

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