Chris Christie's Port Authority boss blackmailed United into scheduling a flight to bring him to his weekend place


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Is there a reason why this article is illustrated by a picture of a Russian aircraft owned by a Mexican airline, or is it coincidence?


Bad oligarch!! Bad, bad! Now go live in your palatial mansion and enjoy your many ill gotten millions.

What do I have to do to get sentenced to a year of having my whims catered to in a opulent mansion?

BTW this is all old news here in Jersey.


House arrest in NJ, or at his weekend place? Or both, so that the public has to pay for him going back and forth, by air, on special flights, with guards and whatnot?


House arrest? For extorting what was probably the equivalent of millions of dollars? sheesh.


This is how things are done Joisey… No biggie.


Right - only news is the sentence. Like you said, they gave him a good slap on the wrist.


Apparently it was known as “The Chairman’s Flight”. Didn’t even try to hide it.


Isn’t Christie corrupt enough to have his own private jet? :thinking:


Someone at United should fry as well, after all, they should have turned this guy in.


It’s Sampson the PA chair, not CC. He IS wealthy enough to have his own private jet, but why bother when you can blackmail someone into doing it for you? That’s the thing with these guys, they see nothing wrong with rigging the system so that the coin comes up heads for them every time. There’s no such thing as having enough.


The flight in question was on an Embraer 145, which is tiny regional jet with three narrow seats per row (2+aisle+1), no first class, miniscule overhead bins, and which is too short for most people to stand all the way up in. It’s like this: (I think that’s an American one, not United, but there’s no real difference.)

The article photo (of an aircraft type United has never flown) makes it look like a much larger and more luxurious flight than it really was.


Yeah, you don’t get/stay rich by spending money!


Governor Soprano runs a tight ship.


House arrest?

If I were the judge, I would have made him a permanent passenger of Con Air for the duration of his sentence since he likes to fly on others peoples dime so often. Middle seat only, and only gets to eat, shower and sleep as long as the aircraft is on the ground at the local jail/prison. Otherwise he will get a tour of the entire United States from a point of view most free persons don’t see. He will never know is itinerary until after the fact.


Yeah, I don’t think that’s such a reasonable expectation. When it’s the government shaking you down, you’re stuck with asking the government to step in against itself. More value to the shareholders in quietly giving in, not fighting the (expensive) good fight. Usually.


planespotter, spotted. :slight_smile:



How about adding restitution for all those wasteful flights to his punishment?