Chris Cornell's daughter Toni released their stunning duet of Prince's "Nothing Compare 2 U"

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all the good ones die too early. i see these scumbags who robbed honest people of their life savings, war criminals, pedophiles, sociopaths and they are still around.

I had no idea Prince wrote this!

Toni’s got some pipes.

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I only learned that recently too. His version is quite something.


Devastating. I’ve got to stop bursting into tears at work. Not cool!

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It’s a nice piece, for sure - made all the more heartbreaking by the timing, circumstances and love evident in its production. I’ve always been partial to this version, made after the purple one died:

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Chris Cornell had one of the great voices of all time.


I made it to 1:03 before I realized I just wasn’t up for dealing with crying in front of my coworkers in the break room.

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