The secret Christian message in Prince's 'Darling Nikki' that can only be heard by reversing it

Originally published at: The secret Christian message in Prince's 'Darling Nikki' that can only be heard by reversing it | Boing Boing


Oh… oh… can I tell my joke now? It’s been, like, 40 years since the great Satanic Panic when I first heard it… :grin:

What do you get when you play country music backwards?

You get your dog back, you get your farm back, you get your wife back.


i don’t have a vinyl copy of Purple Rain, but is this actually true? there’s no way this escaped common knowledge until TikTok came along.

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I mean, “I Would Die For You” is so explicitly sung as Jesus, it wouldn’t be out of place playing under a Stations of the Cross scene in what would be the coolest Jesus since he became a Superstar in the 70s…


Can’t remember when I first heard of this but it’s been posted about since at least ‘04. Maybe it didn’t get much press because it’s not a terribly surprising message from Prince?


Sadly, until that particular record player with the ‘Reverse’ button was made, it was impossible for the average person to do this themselves.

Now, legions of fans from The Beatles to Beck are discovering for the very first time, what those odd sounds mean.

Thank god for the brave souls of Tik Tok, going boldly to explore our lost sonic past.

i always just did it by hand back in the day, spinning the turntable the wrong way. hard to get the speed just right, but you can still pick up words at the wrong speed.


well my stars, where have i been??


Prince Say What GIF


It was very well known at the time. The very first thing I did when our copy arrived at KQAK was recording the song onto a cart, then recording the cart played backwards onto another cart so we had a reversed copy handy


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