Chris Pine shows what it would be like if Congress was your co-worker


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No thanks! My work day is already fucked up beyond belief.


This both frightens and arouses me.


Also great to see Alan Tudyk.


Wait, so you’re saying I can just vote everyone out? Like permanently, cause I’m not seeing that many better choices to replace any of them…


So awesome! I did my part in early voting.


I pushed the heart but I’d like to lodge a formal complaint about the inclusion of the word ‘also.’ Unless you meant Dulle Hill.


Now I’m confused. :confused:

Do you mean Dulé Hill? That is Alan Tudyk who plays the boss, right?

All you need to do is press the heart again to remove it. I do it often, when I feel I’ve liked something too hastily, or for a poor reason.


Yeah, 'tis Pirate Steve, allright.


Remember who’s Joss!


It’s… I might as well just say it… I don’t think much of Pine.


And Charles Gunn (J. August Richards)!


Not alone, I’m afraid…


I am frightened and aroused by this. Utterly delightful.


I want that guy out. And his veritable clone in.


Every place I’ve ever worked I had no say in who was hired or fired. Pretty much the same as my voting history.


Ah yes, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) aka Senator Snowball. Good times!


The title is almost correct… it should read:
If the Republican congress was your coworker


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