Write your Republican congressmen


Here’s mine.

Congressman Lance,

I was disappointed to see that you have already endorsed Donald Trump. You are on the record as having said that people won’t confuse the two of you, but that you will support him. While I agree with the first part of that sentence, I’m saddened by the second part. I hope that in light of his recent comments (so many to choose from, but I’m referring to his words directed towards the Khan family) that you – a man known for his integrity – will now distance himself from this man. If you believe that he represents your party, then by all means please support him. If not, take a principled stand like others in your party have. I find it hard to believe that you and your fellow Republicans think he is fit for office. I like to believe the majority of you believe the exact opposite, but too coward to say so.


xxx xxxxxxx


I’ve written even-handed letters like this, but only after exorcising my demons in a ranting, profanity-laden one first. If you’ve managed to skip this step, please tell me how.


Living in Seattle I can’t do this… cause well I don’t have a republican congressperson.


[cough cough] GLOATING [cough]


Oh the rest of the state scares the hell out of me politically. I vote EVERY election. I happily dropped my ballot in the ballot box over a week ago now. I have my fingers crossed for someone just as awesome to replace our outgoing congressman.


Now that I think about, this describes my feelings exactly when I lived in Madison, Wisconsin.


My congressman is an R but hasn’t thrown in his endorsement yet. Though I suspect he will. I’ve traditionally had no reason to expect him to do the right thing.


Lots (and lots) of Trump signs as soon as you get over the Cascades. And out on the peninsula.


This is profanity-laden.

He’s using the words “integrity,” “principled,” and “fit” in a letter to a politician, a group to whom the very ideas of which are obscene.


Well I’m glad he address my concern /s


That was nice of him to address part of the issue. It’s certainly better than the deafening silence I’m used to getting when I contact the members of Congress who claim to represent me.


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