Chris Pratt impresses Brits (and Melissa McCarthy) with his Essex accent

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There’s only one thing that comes to mind when I hear Essex mentioned. I saw this when it was originally broadcast. A British friend of mine was rolling in his seat and kept telling me, “That’s exactly how it is.


His accent was very good - reem, totes amazeballs.

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I bet he was originally hoping to drive the “reasonably priced car” on Top Gear.


I thought Geordie Shore was the UK’s Jersey Shore?

Props to the man! That was spot-on!

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Heh. Garbage TV can be quite cathartic.

Also, never not mention Jonathan Meades:

Choice snippet:

Anti-semitism took many forms. Conrad Noel, for instance, saw Jesus as a Jew who had abjured his Judaism—an apostate, or a kind of heretic. This fascinating and infuriatingly wrong-headed man—one of the best-known clerics of the early 20th century—was for many years incumbent of St John the Baptist, Thaxted, a living which was in the gift of the Champagne socialist and horizontal socialite Daisy, Countess of Warwick.

Noel was both an Anglo-Catholic ritualist and a Christian Socialist activist; that’s having your cake and eating it. It wasn’t enough, though. Noel wanted the entire bakery, so he was also a fellow traveller of Fenianism and Stalinism, which will be why his tomb proclaims that he loved justice and hated oppression.

Then again, he was a hey-nonny-no folkie who wrote that, “Heaven was not to be sought beyond the skies, but to be established upon Earth. I began to see what a hell men had made of this earth.” Replacing hell on earth with heaven on earth meant folk music, folk song, folk dance, folk craft, folk weaving, folk building, folk bunting, folk banners, folk folking. Well, someone has to invent ancient customs and forgotten mores and ancestral practices of the pre-industrial past, and in Thaxted, that someone was Noel, who was surely familiar with the time traveller in William Morris’s A Dream of John Ball, who states, “I come not from heaven, but from Essex.”

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