Chris Rock and Danny DeVito almost played George Constanza on Seinfeld, says Jason Alexander

Originally published at: Chris Rock and Danny DeVito almost played George Constanza on Seinfeld, says Jason Alexander | Boing Boing

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I think DeVito would’ve been great, he’s so great at improv and comedy. I’m sure Chris Rock would’ve done a good job too but i have a much harder time imagining him in the weird humor of the show. Still i am so glad Jason Alexander ended up playing George.

Danny DeVito would have been too old and too well known to play George. I seriously don’t think the show would have lasted very long. As for Chris Rock, it would have obviously been a very different show. George Constanza was an avatar for Larry David, so a Jewish, neurotic New Yorker. (I know, George is supposed to be “Italian”, but let’s get real). Basically, Chris Rock as George would have been a completely different character and who know if it would have worked.


It’s implied in a few episodes that George’s mother is Jewish. The one example I can remember off the top of my head is when she announces that she refuses to ride in a German car. But there are a few other hints as well, as I recall.

I know Jerry’s main road buddy comic was George Wallace for many years. Jerry has said they worked the same joints all over the USA for a long time. I’m guessing the character may have been based on him had they gone with Rock.


It seems like George’s parents are supposed to be “Spanish” rather than “Italiian”…

No, they establish that the Constanza family is from Italy. Frank Costanza has a cousin in Italy who was a dead-ringer for Frank. The only thing Spanish about the Constanzas is the paella Estelle makes for the Seinfelds.

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More than a few Jews in Italy, the word ghetto comes from the Jewish quarter in Venice (Venitian dialect for throw away), and you’ll find synagogues in most older italian city centers. Wouldn’t be unreasonable that they emigrated to the US to escape Mussolini?

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