Watch Jason Alexander describe how he channeled Woody Allen to get his Seinfeld role as George Costanza

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Your thumbnail is a bit crooked, or clickbaity “Eating out Devito” :rofl:


As the story goes, he continued to play the character with Woody Allen in mind for a few seasons before he realized George was based on Larry David. He questioned the concept of George quitting his job then showing up the next day as if nothing had happened. “Nobody would do that!” To which Larry David replied “I did that!!” (Light comes on in Jason Alexander’s head. "ohhhhhhhhhh. . . . ")


I scrolled by and had to go back when I thought it said “Eating out Devito”. No one wants to see that. And yet, here I am.


Yeah, the first season is so very green: the characters of The Seinfeld Chronicles are barely recognizable. You can see the Woody Allen-ness in George (which seemed derivative even then). You see Seinfeld and Elaine being way too “nice” and unappealing because of it. Kramer is “odd” but not the confident eccentric he would eventually become. It’s fortunate NBC gave them (and the writers) the time and space to find their footing.

Moar Seinfeld Interview:


Here’s a great example of generational divide. To some people, Woody Allen is a staple, a comedic archetype. To younger audiences he’s that child molester that people can’t seem to stop praising.

I never have seen a single Woody Allen film, but by the time I could have considered it, all I knew was his criminal past.


Oh yeah the 1+ episodes Alexander was doing a long running Woody Allen impression. I think at a certain point he realized he should play Larry David.

Sidekick? Sidekick?? By Season 2, they could have renamed the show Costanza. Okay, maybe he wasn’t the nicest of the characters. Perhaps, he could be considered the most selfish of all of them. But Jason Alexander definitely filled out that George character. Okay, maybe by Season 7, but if my wife and I agree on one thing, George was the glue that held the show together.

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