Chris Rock is poised to make history with his new live stand-up special

Originally published at: Chris Rock is poised to make history with his new live stand-up special | Boing Boing

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It’s kinda tantalizing that Rock v Smith is a thing of any importance!

A US celebrity slaps another US celebrity at a ceremony that applauds “celebrity” as key part of popular culture seems a bit f**ked up given the world we all have to live in now.

How did we get here?


A lot of my favorite comedians of yore have routines and POVs that haven’t aged well at all over the last two decades; here’s hoping that Rock may be one of the few who were able to adapt…


… no, I’m pretty OK letting all that be in the past


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Frankly I’m over the whole thing. I never held Will Smith in high esteem before, and Chris Rock milking the situation for attention isn’t endearing him to me. If the stand up ends up being worth watching then great, but not terribly interested so far.

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I must have missed it: HOW is this “poised to make history”?


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At this point if any prominent comedian can get through the set without blaming Jews or women for all life’s problems I’ll be happy enough.


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I did enjoy Iliza Shlesinger’s last Netflix special… The bit about Ugly Bra was pretty great.

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The teaser said first ever live global event. They left out the “for Netflix” part.

BTS recently did a worldwide live concert, so did dozens of other acts. Live AID did it first. Pretty sure Live AID is still the largest at 1.5 billion viewers.

“Chris Rock is one of the most iconic and important comedic voices of our generation,” Netflix’s vp stand-up and comedy formats, Robbie Praw, said in a previous statement. “We’re thrilled the entire world will be able to experience a live Chris Rock comedy event and be a part of Netflix history.

The headline of this post also left out the Netflix part but it did get all of us to read it and respond.


Are they trying to claim this will be the first time a comedy show was live-streamed?! Now that is extremely funny!

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