Christmas puppy surprises


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Its all smiles and happiness…until that puppy is crapping all over the house and yard, tearing apart the kids’ toys and clothes, and the kids realize they have to clean up after it.



My uncle Schrodinger got me a cat once. I both want, and don’t want, to talk about it.


You’re right. When the puppy misbehaves, it can be hard to hide your smiles and happiness long enough to properly scold them. :wink:


Small puppers are cute and everything, but don’t do this.

Animal abandonment usually surges in January because of pets given as surprise gifts like this.


All great, except little blonde braces girl was fake. Right down to the reshoot angle from inside the box. Nearly ruined all the other ones.


The reactions seemed a bit subdued… I like to give Xmas Opossum surprise gifts. They’re sort’a like getting a Schrödinger’s cat except you either get a hissing box of fury or something that looks like ya forgot the air holes…


So true. I got both of my dogs in this fashion. I love them but can’t save anymore so stop fucking doing this people. Surprising people with pets is not a good idea.


Oh no, that’s not what they realize.

They realize they’re expected to clean up after it. It’s a long walk from there to have to. In fact, it is almost always possible to subcontract the work to parents.


Never give a pet as a Christmas present.


Wow there’s a lot of assholes shutting animals in dark boxes for amusement :frowning:


This Christmas, give a loved one the gift of having something they love die 10 years later.



Wondering what to get your loved one this holiday season?

Answer: Not. A. Fucking. Puppy.

Seriously, what the fuck Jason?


I think it’s fine if the recipient is a child in your own household. Presumably it’s been discussed with whatever other adults are there and everyone agreed to get a dog. It’s not going to wind up abandoned at a shelter.

0:44 though… Who the hell gives someone a surprise puppy in a parking lot?



Well, maybe it’s okay in some instances. Like turtles. Something that will take care of itself and outlive the child you give it to.


Possibly turtles or a gold fish. But I can still see the possibility of trouble even with those.


The usual suggestion is that you put a dog-dish and leash under the tree, but pick up the puppy after Christmas when the house isn’t so crazy. Less stressful for the animal, the kid can have some say in picking out the dog, and that give you a chance to discuss the responsibilities that go with having a dog.