Chubby Checker and the Fat Boys




Where they at on the Hip Hop Family Tree? They were from Brooklyn.


Who shot the couch Chubby Checker’s wearing?


Herb Tarlick, that’s who.


This surely won’t help keep your brain in its spot:


that is where I started!


This is thin priviledge yo. >:C


I remember that when my friends and I would go to the mall, they would HAVE to put this song on every time. So painful.



The Fat Boys were very popular in the 1980s, as this guest appearance from Miami Vice shows:


This’ll suck your brain back in.


An old favorite of mine! Never saw the video!


Ha ha yes! I came here to post that as well. I guess I will just have to leave you with their movie from 1987, The Disorderlies.


No elementary school roller skating party was complete without at least one spin of the Fat Boys Wipeout.



I notice that the girl in the white dress is Ola Ray, best known as Michael Jackson’s girlfriend in the “Thriller” video. They also sneak in some of the “Thriller” choreography.


Oh, 1988. There is rarely a time when I want you back, but seeing awesome stuff like this reminds me of how much fun it was to be 10 years old that year. :slight_smile:


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