Church-approved "non-meats" to eat during Lent: alligator, turtle, snake, capybara, beaver, muskrat, puffin

Nah, you seem to be St. Clair, I’m A2. Same metro, tho!

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My family used to hold a, for lack of a better term game feast. Someone brought muskrat a few years and the consensus was that it was absolutely vile. I can’t think of any other meat that was uninvited.


As a child, my family was sufficiently poor and hillwilliam that we ate only what we grew, hunted, or foraged. This included various creatures that are not typically seen as food. Muskrat was not good. But groundhog…I can’t imagine anything more unpleasant. And unfortunately plentiful.


I would like a ruling on coypu. You can’t spell “nutritional” without “nutria”.


Long pig that’s been swimming in blood is actually encouraged, but only on Sundays.


Soylent Green is okay, right; so long as it is made from Catholics?

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: That’s got a real Mark Twain sort of ring to it.


Not the same as pork mince?



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Yeah, but aren’t most converted Catholics kind of high in the platinum, palladium and rhodium department? /s


It took me a while to get the pun; but well done :smile::+1:


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My wife saved me from eternal damnation this morning.

I got up and felt like some eggs over easy with bacon. I got everything out and she said “watcha doin, you know it’s Friday, right?”

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I was wondering about haggis.

This topic around the religious and cultural significance of meat strikes a chord with me having been a chef and catholic in the past.

Transubstantiation, where a piece of unleavened bread becomes the body and flesh of Christ is a big ‘tell’ for the slippery meanings embedded in Christian history… “body of Christ, flesh of Christ”… sins of ‘the flesh’ and so on.

Cows and sheep give us red meat, birds give us white meat, pigs are somewhere in the middle for Christians and fish have flesh not meat.

Offal is both down rent and/or a luxury depending on your cultural background. Choose your poison or passion:
kidneys, liver (foie gras from a goose or duck), heart, lungs, testicles, thyroid glands (sweetbreads), brains, bone marrow (not sure if this is in the offal category), cartilage and knuckles, eyes, ears, snouts, pizzle…

Fish or seafood’s have ‘innards’ not offal.

I feel if you have been bought up and continue eating living creatures the best way to respect your food is to acknowledge their life and death. To say ‘yuck, this not a good part of an animal to eat’, both disrespects the animal as well as passes judgment on cultures that get into that.

I’m guessing the church has passed judgment on what is a good meat by defining ‘fish’ as what we eat when we are sacrificing the good stuff.

Then again Jesus was into marketing fish and wine as one of his big party tricks!


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Fish is meat and Catholics are *stupid.

*I can say that, I’m Catholic.

They’re adorable! We’ve got a few groundhogs, although I haven’t seen them in a while and I certainly wouldn’t try to eat them.

Muskrats apparently got into the coffee roasting business a few years ago, though. I can say that do roast a good bean!

(Ok, so I may be slightly influenced by my friend John drawing Carson, but it’s still good coffee.)

So, hot dogs?


Which, simultaneously, can be kosher! Win-win!