Church under fire: Bad editing or Publicity stunt?

“One church in Massachusetts may need a lesson in spacing their letters, because at first glance, the sign may seem sacrilegious when it is really meant to be sacred.”

“God is now here” ~or~ “God Is Nowhere”

I thought that the paradox of being both everywhere and nowhere was well-known by now. People need to learn to deal with ambiguity so that their brains don’t ossify.


Spot on ! :wink:

If the former, it’s an odd time for it.

Right after Christmas, or right after Easter would seem like the best time for the message.

Failing that, any time other than Advent or Lent.

But Lent, like Advent, is a time of preparation for, and expectation of, God’s arrival.

Maybe the church recently got consecrated?

I dunno. The “now” is really screwing with my head as being an odd sentiment for a church at this time of year.


Welcome to church, now with 100% more God! We finally found him, and now we’re ready to share with you! (If he wanders off again, we’re going to be pissed… These ad campaigns are not cheap!)

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It says “God, I snow here”


A bit off-topic, but I used to annoy my wife by saying things like “I’ve known you for seven years, and now I love you”.

She, of course, initially interpreted that to mean I DIDN’T love her until now, but as I pointed out, that’s not what I said. I only said that I love you at this point; I didn’t address my feelings before this point.

My wife has a bad habit of throwing things at me.

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