Pastafarian services advertised at German town limits




There is but one God, and Ramen is his prophet.


Yeah, but why do they get to use a larger type size?


And lo, one of the noodle host, Penne, was cast from the Great Pot into the Gas Burner below.

And it was Al Dente.


Forgive my ignorance, but I always assumed that this was a “joke” religion and there was no physical church with masses etc… that was established as a bit of a foil for those things where you have to declare a religion, or where religion is granted “extra” rights or exemptions.

Apparently I’m wrong?

Why do I get the feeling that in 2k years someone’ll be fighting wars over this?


So what kind of sauces are available at a Noodle Mass?


Yeah. Interesting how this stuff takes on a life of its own. I’m not so sure I like it, either.


Brings to mind Gahan Wilson’s short story The Cleft.


Or Scientology.


Okay, yeah, I’ve seen what happens when (a tiny percentage of) Discordians or Subgenii start actually taking the joke seriously, and it’s not pretty. I don’t expect it’ll be any less unpleasant when Pastafarians do it.

Also, pretty tasteless of them to make their sign three times as big as anyone else’s. It makes it clear that it doesn’t fit, and that ruins the surreality of it.


Does this mean that they get a share of the church tax?


Well, there’s nothing preventing actual gatherings from continuing the joke. Although this may, in fact, just be an ad for restaurant that serves pasta, for all I know. (That makes more sense to me, as how else do they have a building and regular meetings?)


The religion is fairly young, so it’s still mostly cohesive and hasn’t really splintered yet. It will, though, and my money is on the kind of noodle sauce as the defining divisive element.

Die, you filthy Marinaran!
Alfredan is a religion of peace.


Didn’t the same thing happen with the Church of the Subgenius… some people got super-serious about it…?


No, Germany has established churches and they aren’t one. That makes it all the more surprising that they got to post the sign because there is an easy option where to draw the line.


Maybe the person who gets to approve the signs has a sense of humour?

(Wait. Germany. Probably not.)


This sort of belongs here…


Just wait until they start making money out of it somehow.


That´s an interesting question, especially considering that in German “Nudeln” is also a vulgar term for sexual intercourse.


This story that I posted two weeks ago would lead me to think otherwise: