CIA and Pakistani Taliban joined forces to undo global Polio eradication


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Crimes against humanity.


From the burning of the library at Alexandra, to the big business and mass surveillance today, I wonder where we’d be at today as a species were it not for ignorant power-seekers.

I don’t see why these two groups can’t sit down at a table and see how much more they have in common than they have differences.


Or at least a quick hate-fuck in a cheap motel.


They have a lot in common. One wants to live in the 13th century, the other in the 12th. Natural allies.

I didn’t want to speculate as to who was going to be the top, but, there it is.

Perhaps a good first starting point for discussion

C’mon, surely Jenny McCarthy deserves some credit…

Dead due to believing that weapons that had worked against the Goa’uld would always work against them?

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