Cider, Calvados & Homebrewed Libations

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Wow, awesome. Two places I have not been yet, and I hope to someday. Have you considered building a cider press and grinder (undersink garbage disposal) to process apples efficiently into cider? Mine cost me about $150USD total and got more juice out of the apples than hand-cranked presses.

Oh yes, and really. I would love to make something like that. And probably will next year or the year thereafter. It’s so a shame to waste what the trees are giving.
But we also need to make a livable place of the house.


Yes, and the bright side is that nothing is really wasted. The animals and bugs process the fallen apples back into the soil and the trees will go again next year. It will all be waiting for you for when you are ready!


That’s true, and the thing/mantra I’m saying to myself. Thanks :slight_smile:
Past year, I made more time, but still a lot just went down. But at that time a neighbour farmer had some young cows. Good food for the playful girls.

Some stand mixers have attachments that work better than hand-cranked, but don’t take up a lot more room (and usually don’t cost as much as a stand-alone item). Here’s the one for a KitchenAid, for example:

I am jealous! I used to have a small working farm, and now I am in the city. My new house is nicer than the farmhouse, and I am very convenient to many things I did not have before. It’s great! But I do miss my land and going outside for walks, because surrounding my property were thousands of undeveloped acres. I could walk as far as I wanted. Sometimes I would go backpacking back there in the hills, just because it was there and very peaceful. There were many natural features that few people knew about back there, and old ruins of farmsteads, waterfalls to explore.

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