Cider - Open Source Apple Music Client

Cider is an open source client for Apple Music available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Even in alpha it is much better than iTunes for Windows users - faster, more stable, prettier, more user friendly and much more feature rich.

It is also much better than the Web version of Apple Music that has been the only option for Linux users.

Not sure how useful it would be for Mac users who already have access to an official Apple Music client, but maybe you prefer open source?

It can also be remote controlled using a phone app, which is pretty cool.

It’s built using Apple’s developer APIs for Apple Music so it’s above board and should not run afoul of any Apple proprietary nonsense.

You can get it free from github using the links at their website, or from the windows store for $.99 to support the devs.

If you are an Apple Music subscriber I really recommend giving it a look - it’s a huge improvement for Windows and Linux users.


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