Cigar DNA leads police to Florida men who swiped human skulls from cemetery for freaky shrine

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An recently summoned elder abomination questioned at the scene condemned the acts of vandalism while refusing to accept responsibility for inciting the desecration.


By the power of Grave Skull! You have the right to remain silent!


Note to self- no smoking while graverobbing. Got it.


Though leaving discarded nicotine gum is just as bad.


I’m guessing something along the lines of Santeria or Vodou.

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yikes, much worse than the bags of dead chickens I see every few months down here in Miami.

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In Florida, one might so assume. But elsewhere? In late 1960’s Manhattan I resided in a rotten old hotel (which later collapsed) near NYU. Residents included a couple of biker-type guys who claimed to make good money robbing graves to sell skulls to white cultists.

Of course, if the money was good, one would expect them to live in better quarters, but IIRC their arms showed needle tracks.

I’ve unfortunately found the two go hand in hand. Since I gave up smoking the skulls are getting out of hand.

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