Woman with skull on stick leads police to corpse


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If leading an imaginary band of skeletons playing jazz with a skull topped baton is wrong, I don’t want to be right.





And so, in 2016, police began the strange journey of unraveling Sacramento’s William Tell underground…





IF this and Caravan Palace are your jam, have you heard the good new of Squirrel Nut Zippers?


They got killed to death!


They’re back together?



From Shel Silverstein:


I wonder if why she was walking around with the skull on a stick. The police probably took it from her.

I guess you could say she


Lost her head.


I had not, but shall google them now.



I don’t think so… but I am even missing their last album all together.[quote=“Melizmatic, post:14, topic:88036”]
I had not, but shall google them now.

It was part of the swing revival in the 90s. It is less electro swing and more like modernized jazzy swing. The female singer sounds a lot like Billie Holiday.

This is the song that actually got air play - back when radio actually played stuff that didn’t fit pop norm.

My personal favorite song.

And my favorite ballad of theirs, featuring Katharine Whalen (who, like I said, sounds amazing.)

And one more - because I realized I the first two song don’t feature her voice.


The Ghost of Steven Foster is a strong recommend.


They are back for a fall tour this year.


Ships are made for sinkin’, whiskey’s made for drinkin’, and if we were made of cellophane we’d all get stinkin’ drunk much faster!


Because when I find a body, the first thing I want to do is rip the head off, and put it on a stick.

No seriously, we probably need to do better for mental health care in this country.


We think a lot alike.