Florida Man with 666 tattooed on forehead causes drunken fracas inside church


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Guy must like Monster Energy drinks an awful lot to go with that tatt.


“I have a brilliant idea, I’ll get a tattoo on my scalp that my hair will grow over!”

[10 years]



Something similar happened at my fathers memorial service when I was 8. I thought he must be a friend of my father’s, since my dad was a stringent atheist. Turned out he was just some drunk from the men’s shelter next door who was mad at the priest, not an eloquent ranter against the hypocrisy of a priest being paid to say mass for a man who would not have wanted it.

Isn’t that mark supposed to be on the back of his head?

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Florida Man, Florida Man, mark of the beast on his forehead man /
drunken in a fight in a church, the churchgoers win, Florida Man.


Has Florida always been this nutso? Seems like I’m hearing more about it the last few years.

And the sheriff couldn’t just let the antichrist sleep it off–he just had to threaten to smite him with his holy handgun. Christians…

Current Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Drew Curtis, ten years ago:

Q. Tell me about the decision to include a separate label just for Florida stories.

A. The ground swell started showing up after the 2000 election, with all the brouhaha going on down there. Everybody from Florida, it seemed like, was e-mailing me insisting that Florida was the most messed-up state anywhere, and it deserved its own tag. So finally, I caved and said, fine, I’ll put one up, but I really don’t think we’re going to use it all that much. I was shocked. I mean, I’m from Kentucky, and there’s enough stupid crap going on there. But I guess you guys have got everybody licked.

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Wow he survived this encounter with US law enforcement. I’m impressed … seriously.

Holman repeatedly refused to remove his hands from his pockets. After he realized the deputy was armed, he told the deputy “he would take his firearm and kill him with it,” then lunged at the deputy with his hands clenched in fists, the report said.

He was detained until on-duty deputies arrived.

'cause he was white?

I got the impression that US police is just waiting for the slightest excuse to use force as if they’re itching to use all those neat toys they got all the while in most other western civilized countries police trying to look for every excuse to NOT use force.

Should be tattooed poor impulse control


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