Atlanta's Darius explains Florida Man


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Well if you are weird, and you plan on living a full weird life… Why not live it someplace nice? Like Florida! :slight_smile:



Alt-Right Johnny Appleseed!:joy::joy::joy:


I adore everything about this show.


I never really thought of “Florida Man” as “alt-right” (with a few exceptions, e.g. George Zimmerman.) Those guys intellectualize their stupidity with belabored arguments, whereas Florida Man is just naturally stupid.

In fact, the batshit-crazy-drug-addled stupidity that follows the words “Florida Man” in any news story is one of the best arguments against white supremacy. This guy is the ubermensch?

(Or maybe that’s the point.)


I’m sure the writers are being a bit overdramatic about florida m…

… nevermind. I guess I was wrong.


The irony of course is that the “Florida man”, Rudy Eugene, who famously ate another man’s face was black and of Haitian descent.

Florida man knows no creed or color. He rises above all such petty things to bring you the bizarre.

Also, as a resident of Florida I feel it my duty to point out that Florida man is rarely FROM Florida, he’s usually a transplant. I’m not sure if it’s something in the air or the simple fact that they can’t migrate any farther south, and collect in this state as though it is some sort of appendix designed to perform that function for the North American landmass.


Can’t stand the ‘Florida Man’ meme. It’s a lazy, disingenuous trope that gives people a sense of superiority just because they live in more enlightened and intellectual states like Alabama or Oklahoma.

The Florida Man meme exists not because people in Florida are demonstrably more crime prone than other states, but because Florida was the FIRST state to open its arrest logs to public scrutiny.


The truck was in the way, so he shot out the tires. Oh boy, that’ll get 'em to move!


I really enjoy it. The episode where Earn is in jail limbo gave me more genuine laughs than the average comedy.


OK, that’s hilarious. But I get it, nobody has a monopoly on “stupid.”


12 comments… and no Bugs? You lot are getting sloppy!


But… wait. It’s ATL themed, too. Shit.



The Florida Man doth protest too much, methinks.


I was waiting for you… also I thought it was about time someone posted the Buttlhole Surfers.


Oh, I am Florida Man. After 20 yrs of watching Austin lose its mojo I decided to make Tampa my new home - and had to get a new driver’s license.


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