Cigarette smoker appears surprised to be arrested


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And all the while clinging to that cigarette like it was a life raft.


I don’t know why people who smoke/vape feel so f’ing entitled to pollute the shared air and are so bloody indignant when asked or (rightfully) told to stop. What exactly did she expect would happen when she waved her magic wand at the officer?


Damn, I don’t know who to root for.
Excessive violence on part of the cop or complete assholishness on the part of the smoker.


I’m glad I quit! Hey - I think it’s 10 years to the day!


Geez, I hate public smoking as much as the next Nanny Stater, but that officer was out of line.


She appears super drunk, honestly, and full of the kind of beer-courage it would take to stick a cigarette in an officer’s face.


With that approach to life, I have a pretty good idea of who she voted for last year (assuming she voted at all).


You know, I feel exactly the same way about everyone driving a petroleum fueled car.

Of course, car emissions cause far more health problems than smoking, but smokers are a minority now and we know what that means in America!


Help! I’m being repressed!


She was pretty menacing. Surprised she didn’t get shot.


I enjoy a cigar from time to time. Almost always at a private location such as my deck or someone’s back yard patio. In the instances it is in a public place it is ALWAYS at a cigar bar or otherwise designated place where cigars are offered and welcome.

I hate vapors for this very thing. They have zero compunction (as a whole. I know #notallvapors) about vaping any where. Any time. And release billows of that stuff everywhere while indignantly stating “it’s just water vapor!” Drives me nuts.


Um, yeah, totally equivalent. Because some people need a cigarette to get to work or do errands, right? We’ve spent decades setting up zoning and other laws to leave no other choice but to smoke a cigarette, perhaps? No, public transportation doesn’t exist everywhere, walking/riding aren’t an option for all people or all errands, and there aren’t enough used electric vehicles on the market to serve lower-income folks. “Everyone should drive an electric car” is an expression of privilege. That’s a fine crusade you’re on, but it’s off topic here.



Kewpie Doll Time!




It satisfies.


Agreed. It’s completely a false equivalency.

I have vehicle needs with a family of 5 as a soccer coach and living in the Northeast that electric vehicles cannot fulfill.


Sad that absolute violence seems to be the default behavior for security/police folks whenever they don’t get immediate submission. Hard times for people with psych issues – when they’re on the other side.


Footie, after all, is a totally valid reason for over 58,000 avoidable deaths a year.

Smoking tobacco, on the other hand, is primarily a vice of the disadvantaged, and thus public smoking is simply not excusable under any circumstances.

I hope you and @Obdurodon will understand this isn’t a personal attack. I’m attacking how our culture works. And I really can’t do that in any way that can’t be seen as condemnatory to individual petroleum users, so frankly I haven’t even tried. I do hope y’all personally would rather things didn’t work this way.

And I really can’t get upset about second-hand cigarette smoke when I’ve been coal-rolled at least a dozen times now. Cars can pollute my airspace with impunity, I see no reason smokers should be castigated for a far lesser crime.


Thank you for pointing this out. I did over generalize smokers. It is a personal choice, and there are responsible smokers who don’t impose on others.
Being a responsible firearms owner (used for food hunting, not trophy) I should have been more aware of the generalization I was making.