"Circle World" is a journey through an eternally growing landscape by Cyriac

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Spidersheep, spidersheep
Does whatever a spidersheep does
Knitting webs? No surprise
Making more sheep from it’s eyes
Look out, here comes the Spidersheep


Anyone else weirded out by the arthropoidal sheep only having six limbs?

I wonder if their music basically does the same thing their images do.

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Lol, didn’t even catch that. I was too weirded out by the “knitting” actions in no way resembling actual knitting. (It’s a mild pet peeve for me. Everyone ‘knows” what knitting looks like, but, e.g., cartoon artists almost always get it wrong…) But then I realized, why was I expecting something in Cyriac Cyriak to resemble reality more? Also, after reading your comment I just rewatched it, and noticed the sheep using their back legs to feed the strand of yarn to the needles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and all is forgiven.

I was kind of weirded out by the sheep legs resembling bicycle chains.

I loved how the teddy using a cell phone at about 3:37 was rocking out and tapping feet to the music—it was no longer just that the music accompanied the action, but that the teddy was actually listening to and interacting with the music!

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It’s CyriaK, BTW.


Oh Cyriak, you magnificent bastard! Never change. Truly one of the most talented artists of our generation.

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It’s Horace the Endless Bear!

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