Citing copyright, Army blocks Chelsea Manning from receiving printouts from EFF's website


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Army Fuckery? Say it ain’t so!


Prisoners in Leavenworth get to use Twitter?!



They’re licensed under CC Attribution, so maybe the Army decided to relicense it under arbitrary terms that prevented her from being allowed to receive those documents, or some nonsense? I.e. apply a restrictive license to their copy, then refuse to license it to her, or get a third party to do so?


The army may well be deciding which rights their prisoner has, and does not have. It’s not about redefining copyright for the rest of us, it’s about redefining who the person is, to the person.

Leavenworth is not for rehabilitiation, it is for punishment. See also:



I’m concerned about government waste, and we’ve clearly been overfundng the Department of Irony



So we can’t send printed web pages. What is stopping someone from taking the text and making a legit looking book on CreateSpace and having Amazon mail the book of EFF articles? It would cost more, but be more likely to get through.


I’m surprised they didn’t just cite their longstanding policy of “fuck you, that’s why”

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