Citizen journalist enthusiastically reports local house fire


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Smells just like a Pulitzer!


Brilliant! This is, allegedly, going to be auto tuned into song in 3, 2,1…


enthusiasm out the ying-yang. WAVY-TV ought to scoop her right up.


Who, What, Where, When, Why? All covered.
Good job, Rhoda!

“Active duty”
“Fully engorged”


Was she reporting on a house fire or the Tailhook Scandal?


As a former news video editor I just have to say: BRILLIANT!

The “Thankful” video marquee is the cherry on top.

Give her 1’30" and run it on the third slot!!!



I could go back watching TV news if all coverage was like that.


This lady is a journalistic and grammatical mess, but she gets a solid “A” for sustained energy of delivery and fire scene management (ie: interfering with first responders).
“The fire is in active duty”
“The house is fully engorged”


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