Arson mystery solved


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Wow, that deserves another cup of java, totally weird.


I don’t even… ok then?


“Wait, was that wrong? Should I have not done that?”

The look on those cops faces… hahaha.

Or did he just watch The 5th Element, and thought he was encouraging life.


There’s always some loon who confesses to the Zodiac murders. I kind of wonder if this is really the guy?


This is the same as my script for Law & Order, which never made it to TV because it was only seven minutes long. It even has my twist, where the arsonist turns out to be really, really stupid.


Now I want to know all about how bad the living conditions in that house really were.


Are you implying that Ted Cruz did it?


I enjoyed the very honest look of confusion on the cops’ faces.


Don’t believe the official story. Gasoline and fire can’t burn down a house. #Truth


Not even jet fuel would be enough to do the trick, or so I have read.


I laughed, but then I felt bad, coz I got the feeling there’s something very sad underneath this…


Well, sure, for L&O, if you’re going to have a short police bit you have to make the courtroom bit longer. Have it so the news team recording the confession first and then transmitting it breaks some bit of legal machinery making a mistrial. And then it turns out that his roomie dies of complications from the fire, so he’s now on trial for murder, but then it turns out that his roomie set the fire himself to put the blame on the confessor, but then it turns out that the confessor put down the gasoline and everything because the roomie kept stealing his milk but forgot to light it, and the roomie set off the fire because he was pissed at him and didn’t want to live there anymore, so he gets off the murder charge, but then the roomie’s mother kills him on the courthouse steps…


…And then it turns out that the roomie faked his death to mask his identity as a serial killer…

Oh, wait. Sorry. L&O, not CSI.


Whad`ya want copper? Oh ya, I remember that guy… He left the house at 8:52 PM and was heading to a bar – I remember him because it was me.


Implying? no.


Clearly Big Arson hired this guy to take the fall. :wink:


OK, one more time:

No, the gasoline cannot burn the wooden beams of the house.

But, it can weaken the integrity of the wooden beams such that the structure collapses.





It was always deplorably cold and drafty for one thing.

Well, until the last bit there.