Landlord torched his apartment building while blaring "We Didn't Start the Fire"

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Maybe he just wanted to make clear to the authorities that his tenants weren’t to blame?
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Not that any of this makes sense, but the fact that he had empty gas cans, and a truck that was presumably fueled at a gas station, but chose to fill the gas cans by drilling a hole in the bottom of his truck’s gas tank instead of at the gas station…that’s extra.


Yeah, this clearly isn’t the brightest bulb. Surprising he didn’t drill into the top of the tank and find out that a) fluids move down and b) gasoline isn’t flammable, but its vapor is explosive.


What an idiot! He should have played “Burning Down the House.” /smh


Burning Down the House, that was done by adjacent dorm residents long ago at UC Santa Cruz when one resident returned to find his room stuffed full of computer printout, so he threw in a match.

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Probably apocryphal, but it is often told that “Burning Down the House” was played out of many a nearby dorm window when Johnson Hall/Rathskeller caught fire in December 1987 on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville.

I saw the flames from the air, as I was flying back to Gainesville from south Florida that day. I remember the smell of burnt plastic and burnt electrical stuff persisting for days.

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Old joke, but:

Hey Travis, I hear your apartment building burned down!

(whispered) “Thursday”


He’s a millennial playing boomer music to accompany his crimes. Why not



I don’t think his home owners insurance covers intentional arson. :thinking:

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Ill take any excuse to post this album

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