City Attorneys train local cops to use "wish lists" for civil forfeiture

That’s an interesting link, thanks! I don’t have a better… although I’ve got a fair bit on Wat Tyler’s rebellion in my hard-copy library I’m sure.

I’ve heard at least one different version of that story, possibly apocryphal. In that version, the men of St. Alban’s still burn the Abbey records that hold them in usurious debt, but instead of breaking up the mill-stones the descendants of their original owners triumphantly take them back to their homes. Then later, when Tyler is murdered and the rebellion crushed, the peasants hurriedly sneak back into the Abbey and replace the stones, in (vain) hopes of escaping retribution from the Abbot’s bullies.


Honestly, if one of their victims walked in and shot every last one of them right between the eyes, I’d applaud.

We entrust these people with the authority to protect and serve the public. There is no punishment severe enough for those who use that power to victimize people. None.


It’s just a bunch of bad apples reflecting poorly on the one honest cop…


Even more so when it’s the Police Commissioner.

Better get in touch with commissioner Gordon…

…on second thoughts.


Reports on major news shows, articles in the largest newspapers, and the practice continues. The system isn’t broken. It was built this way.


Liked, but would have gone with Seize-a-Claus

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Yours is a superior name for that entity. Editing!

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I have a solution! New law: All proceeds of civil forfeiture get devoted to supplement the public education system. All proceeds of school bake sales, winter carnivals, and other such fundraising drives, go to fund the police department.


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