City of Chicago and public-spirited hackers unveil the Chicago City Code




This is a BIG F’IN DEAL!

Chicago depends on the code being incomprehensible and inaccessible so only does guys dat know da guy get inspector approvals.

It’s really, really hard to get a straight answer on what is allowed.

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You know where this is going…

At first I was surprised – I’ve been through two Daleys, after all – but then I realized it makes sense. City Clerk Mendoza has spent her time in office upgrading and streamlining citizens’ access to city services. This is of the same piece.

Now if they would only open the books and let us see where all the $$$$$$ handed over to the so called charter schools has really gone because it sure as hell hasn’t been spent on improving the schools.

Many thanks to Daniel X. O’Neil for the photograph of me and the Clerk. My bad for leaving that out of the post. (Thanks also to Daniel for putting the entire event together!)

Here’s a video of Carl’s speech:

You can also watch the other presentations on Smart Chicago’s YouTube page.

Anybody here involved in similar efforts in their own state or municipality? I’m kinda curious about Florida’s efforts in this vein and wondering what I could do to help.

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