A walking tour of Chicago's corruption

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Ironically, the tour guide doesn’t accept bribes.


A corruption walking tour? In Chicago? Sounds exhausting.

It’s great value for money, though, because the price includes packed lunches for the first four days, and minivan transfer to some of the more distant sites on the fifth day.


I can’t understand why you absolutely refuse to stop using unnecessary hyphens in your posts-- “walking-tour”. Dabble didn’t use it in their article. There is no need for it.

the Bleepin’ Golden Package

A++++ would LOL again.

Of course, Illinois’ problems aren’t limited to Chicago itself. The Republicans in the collar counties (especially DuPage) are every bit as much a machine as the Cook County Democrats, and there’s plenty of corruption to go around statewide.

I’m still wondering when they’re going to build an Illinois governors’ wing at a federal prison.

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Why oh WHY did you use that unnecessary dash?!


Or, as they call it in Chicago, “walking anywhere”.


I’m just pissed that that miserable SOB Mayor Daley, in an effort to give his wife something to do, bulldozed Meigs Field one night, forever denying me the opportunity to see this view, but for real:

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