DNA tests show that much-praised Chicago cop stuck gun in suspect's mouth


Does news out of Chicago somehow still surprise people?

I mean, I guess it must - people elected a Chicago politician as president, then were suprised to discover he wasn’t the white knight everyone believed he was. (Which isn’t to say Romney wouldn’t have been far worse - I’ll take a politico from the good ol’ corrupt Windy City over a religious nutjob any day of the week.)

Chicago is a hole, but it somehow manages to sell people on the notion that it somehow isn’t a teeming cesspit. Marketing divisions, take note?

Hey that was slick. You managed to take this cop’s excessive behavior and use it to taint Obama. I have to say I’m impressed.


Unfortunately, he used the canned ‘oh, but get this, I also don’t like the religious republican!’ which basically screams libertarian.

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It isn’t. It’s actually a world class city without NY/London/Paris/Tokyo prices.

Corruption here is bad, but nothing like what it was under Daley Sr. And you’re fooling yourself if you think your local municipality isn’t supported by corruption too.

edited to add: Obama was never a Chicago politician. He was a state senator, not an alderman, and never worked in City Hall.


But, I’m sure the 24 year old robbed a store or something, so the cop sounds OK to me.


…Anyways, how about these police and their repeated brutality?

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Right up there with such shining jewels as Toronto, Detroit, and Dubai, right? Let’s cut straight to the chase, did you literally copy this out of an astroturfing script, or are you just a Chicago native who doesn’t want to admit to reality?

[quote=“chgoliz, post:5, topic:39943”]
Corruption here is bad, but nothing like what it was under Daley Sr. And you’re fooling yourself if you think your local municipality isn’t supported by corruption too.
[/quote]“I take offense at claims that we are corrupt! I mean, sure, no one denies we ARE corrupt, but we’re not as corrupt as we USED to be! And other places are corrupt too, which is somehow relevant, right?”

He is a “Chicago politician” in the sense that he built the entire foundation for his poltical career in Chicago, and all the major groundwork for his Senatorial and Presidential elections ultimately stemmed from his network of contacts and support built up over a couple decades within and around Chicago - not in the sense that he ever filled a city office there.

Plus he apparently attempted to eat the cop’s gun. How could we allow a psycho like that back on the streets??


Now that he is a suspect, I’d be inclined to…make a one time exception… on the matter of his putting his gun in a suspect’s mouth. And hopefully firing.

This story surprises the crap out of me. I’m not surprised by the conduct of the officer, just that the investigators actually tested his gun. Why wouldn’t they do what investigators typically do in these cases and say “no witnesses, dismissed”, “a DNA test is too expensive”, or have another officer tip him off to clean or misplace his gun before the test? I’m guessing they thought the charges were bullshit and did the test just to use as a bragging point on how thorough they are in investigating issues. I doubt they expected incriminating evidence.


I wonder if his Hero Cop persona isn’t entirely popular with his colleagues? In an environment characterized by impunity, quietly not obstructing justice is a fairly good way to mess with someone without sacrificing deniability.


How do we really know it was in his mouth? There may have been shenanigans and ended up in his rectum. It wouldn’t be the first time someone slipped and fell on something.

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The charges against the kid were dropped. Welp! Now that that’s settled let’s move on!

Perhaps they can charge him with damaging police property by getting his saliva on the gun…


Man, I know a lot of people have the mindset “gun = substitute for small ahem… endowment” (and I say this as a gun owner and avid target shooter), but seriously? Making someone fellate it? Wow… Issues much Mr. Corrupt Cop?

I mean, it’s not any less fatal or frightening if you put it right against the guy’s temple or base of his skull, but no… he’s got to suck it.

“no. I want to see you put all 4” of my barrel in your mouth."

This is a bit beyond the usual extremely corrupt out of control cop violence to some creepy new level…

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Very plausible.

Is it a crime to fellate a man’s phallic symbol in Chicago? I’m sure they can find a few more charges if they really try.

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Uhmm… ermmm… Hmmmm.

Is it fair to point out that your entire comment is creating images of (imagining) the perp in slightly softer lights, and not a word about the victim? How do you imagine the victim is feeling?


Really? You’ve taken a story about police brutality and somehow made it about Chicago corruption? What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Do you have any citations for a correlation between corrupt politicians and police brutality? Does more police brutality come out of Chicago?

You have an axe to grind with Chicago, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the story in question.

And if you’re going to reply with “oh well, corruption probably begets a feeling of being above the law” – no, respond with data. Is there more police brutality in Chicago than elsewhere? If there isn’t, stick to the story in question.