By stealing from innocents, Chicago PD amassed tens of millions in a secret black budget for surveillance gear


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Trying to find the shocking depths of the state of Illinois and it’s cops is as pointless as speculating on how disgusting trump can really go. It’s a festering wound on the soul of humanity that would make satan himself blush as a rake amateur.


Corruption has a long standing as a Chicago tradition.


This is why it’s so ridiculous when “anti-corruption” campaigns refuse to do more than “form a commission” to look into it. Once it starts, the rot goes everywhere and its foremost concern will always be to perpetuate itself, either to feed its own greed or to create ways of blackmailing others into shielding it.


So it’s basically organized crime without any risk of legal troubles?


Chicagoans who give a damn are thrilled that this stuff is finally being exposed. This needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Blacks are 18 times more likely to die in Chicago than whites. More likely to be ripped off by police. More likely to be thrown in prison. It’s unconscionable, and thankfully we are at least starting down the road toward these abuses being rectified. Long road, though…very, very long road.


FTFY. You’re welcome.


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