City of Sarajevo bans unsanctioned utterances of its name, threatens Facebook groups


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Hey, if their IP trolls want to limit links about their city to 90s-vintage news stories that portray them as the urban epicentre of Balkan dysfunction that’s their choice.


So I guess this would apply to all maps - both hardcopy and online - as well. Airline schedules and booking. Addressing for letters and parcels. Your city just drops off the face of the Earth. Good thing they have no tourist industry. Oh wait.


Harry Potter and the City Which Must not be Named is gonna be an interesting film.


I’m utterances’n right now.


This is the end game of all intellectual property: commodify all human knowledge and culture. The FT had a similar story about the Maasai partnering with some IP firms to charge fashion brands for their tribal “trademark” style. The notion that these efforts are about protection of rights is the first step in enclosure and the destruction of the commons.


I’d be inclined to say that just ignoring them is enough, but of course if you actually live in Sarajevo, they can make your life a bit difficult.



The world’s one chance to de facto rename Sarajevo Towny-Mac-Townface.

All postal letters should be addressed and delivered by the peoples of the world.


Now that Prince has passed, is his symbol available for use again?image


Are they also going to try to control every possible permutation of letters that kind of resembles the name of their stupid town? Because good luck with that. Saravejo. Jarasevo. Savarejo. Sajarevo. Sajavero. Sarojeva. Sacerdotal. Saranwrap. Savonarola. I could do this all day.


No, It’s like a Goetic sigil, be careful or you will summon him again :wink:


If I only had one shot, I’d rather try for David Bowie.

Still, Monkey’s Paw.





(snicker) Sarajevo.


Guys, there might be a deeper reason for this: perhaps Voldemort lives there and they’re just trying to be consistent.

He Who Must Not Be Named living in The City Which Must Not Be Named?


Is his postal code N0N 0N0?


Sarajevo naturally Sarajevo this Sarajevo is perfectly Sarajevo normal and Sarajevo reasonable and I Sarajevo support Sarajevo it.


(Sarajevo: Try the kebabs and the burek, be _sure_to avoid the officials. True since the middle ages.)


Aside from being unpleasant, this seems like a very optimistic move.

Shaking people down for the use of your name, or to prevent uses that annoy you, is one thing if you are some sort of celebrity selling endorsements or have a deluge of positive press; but if you aren’t people don’t really have much incentive to go begging for your permission rather than just talking about something else or making reference to whatever they think is most recognizable(which probably isnt’ the same thing as what you would prefer) instead of mentioning you by name.

I can’t imagine that the local chamber of commerce and/or tourism booster types are looking for more references to “Um, that biggish one in Ethniclashistan, right? Where some very 20th century stuff happened in the 90s?”.