Clarence Thomas's “close personal friend” sure loves dictators and nazi memorabilia

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I hate explosives that could go off on their own at any second… so I collect them.


I hate Nazis with a vengeance and there’s not a single fascist fetish item in my house. I think he’s doing it wrong.


In 2014, when Crow’s house was included in a public tour of historic homes, a reporter from the Dallas Morning News visited. Apparently, Crow was visibly uncomfortable with questions about his dictator statues and Hitler memorabilia, preferring to discuss his other historical collections: documents signed by the likes of Christopher Columbus and George Washington; paintings by Renoir and Monet; statues of two of Crow’s heroes, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Those names don’t stop me from thinking Harlan Crow is really into authoritarian arseholes.

BTW, Thatcher died ten years ago today. Rust In Piss.


Okay, the fallen communist dictators, and the cigar store Indian statute outside might be symbols of triumph, but why have a Hitler painting hanging inside beside a Normal Rockwell one? (Did he mistake Norman for George Lincoln?)


Clarence Thomas is a Nazi puppet.

Pass it on.


So I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if people came by and put graffiti all over his statue garden, right? Maybe urinate on some of the worst ones? To express our common hatred of fascism? Or do they have to stay pristine and treated respectfully for some reason?

I don’t see the point of these lies that are so flimsy that anyone can see through them. Because they like lording it over people that there are no consequences I guess, but surely you can do that just as well mocking them with the truth.


Perhaps the Churchill statue is a “Look, I’m not a Nazi!” alibi. Crow has a “set of Nazi linens”, which is definitely something that only people with an unhealthy fascination for Nazi Germany would want to own.


Maybe Churchill was going to be skipped for all his hard work fighting Nazis, but in the end was kept in honor of his detention camps in Kenya. :unamused:


Still not someone you should respect once you find out what else he was responsible for, other than being on the right side in WW2.

Beginning as early as December 1942, high-ranking government officials and military officers (including John Herbert, the Governor of Bengal; Viceroy Linlithgow; Leo Amery the Secretary of State for India; General Claude Auchinleck, Commander-in-Chief of British forces in India, and Admiral Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Commander of South-East Asia) began requesting food imports for India through government and military channels, but for months these requests were either rejected or reduced to a fraction of the original amount by Churchill’s War Cabinet. The colony was also not permitted to spend its own sterling reserves, or even use its own ships, to import food.

Churchill later wrote:

I now intervened to settle this dispute, at one moment quite heated. I told the fire-brigade officer on my authority as Home Secretary that the house was to be allowed to burn down and that he was to stand by in readiness to prevent the conflagration from spreading.

Churchill’s role in the events at Tonypandy during the conflict left anger towards him in South Wales that still persists today. The main point of contention was his decision to allow troops to be sent to Wales. Although this was an unusual move and was seen by those in Wales as an overreaction, his Tory opponents suggested that he should have acted with greater vigour.


It would be fitting if Crow, as result of his bribes, ends up being remembered as a Nazi sympathizer.


What else would he make his brown shirts from?


Catch him after cocktail hour, and he might opine that it was a great pity that Britain and the US were on the opposite side of the war from Germany.


Weird, given how much he hates liberals, and how many hundreds of millions he’s given to fight liberalism, he doesn’t have any statues of liberals, only statues h̶o̶n̶o̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ n̶a̶z̶i̶s̶ reminding us that nazis are bad. And he forgot to devote hundreds of millions to fight nazis.


Winston, being a racist, is just a shift not an alibi. More likely trying to cover all the filth ideology he can at one go unaware of the mental whiplash he creates. Guessing he has little knowledge of what he speaks and just throws isms for effect like a caged gibbon.


The only good way to exhibit Hitler’s paintings:


Remember this one?


I should have said “meant as an alibi”.