Classic internet weirdness: “What What (In The Butt),” Samwell (2007)


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You say “Samwell”, my head says, “Sam Rockwell”.




@xeni I platonically love you so hard.


It’s funny because gay males are known for anal sex. HAHAHAhhA. LOL. GAY GUYS IN THE BUTT!

And that what it reduces gay males to…a comic punch line. IN THE BUTT! HAHAHAHA.


Nobody talks about the other novelty butt song - Boogie in Your Butt, by Eddie Murphy. I have to assume Samwell was quoting/referencing this - the cadence is so similar.

Despite the homophobia of the day, it’s not really about sex as much as just being juvenile.



Well, I have some idea of what you ate in the last 24 hours now.


When I feel down and I see nothing but hate and rage in the internet I pause for a minute and play this video.

Automatically a smile comes to my face.


Nope. It’s literally a song about Samwell’s favorite thing. It’s the joyful gay equivalent of five million songs about straight guys wanting pussy.


I prefer the followup, “Why Why (In The Eye)”. It’s a bit darker and more contemplative, but I feel like it’s a more fully realized artistic vision.


Ain’t nothing wrong with rockin’ out to butt sex, gay or otherwise. I noticed you didn’t mention the South Park parody, just policed the actual gay guy’s music.


Don’t forget the more modern classic “Hear Here (In the Ear)” and the answer track “No, Not There (In the Hair)”.


Looking at WWITB now, in what was then the future, it just makes me think of Peeno Noir


Speaking of Murphy, I rewatched one of his early 80s comedy concerts not to long ago, and I just cringed at all the homophobia, right out of the gate. It was not funny at all, sad to say.




Or my ex-wifes favorite - “Hey Hey Never Again”.



I thought the “behind the scenes” video was pretty nice.